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Alpha Motors launches new electric JAX All-Terrain vehicle

Alpha Motors launches new electric JAX All-Terrain vehicle.

Alpha JAX all-terrain vehicle
Alpha Motors has introduced the JAX which stands for Junior All-terrain Crossover

Alpha says JAX stands for Junior All-Terrain Crossover. Don’t ask me where the X comes from. With the aggressive look of an European Rally Car, the electric Alpha JAX is available in either a single motor FWD or a dual motor 4X4 configuration. With the light-bar, roof-rack and rugged off-road tires, no one is likely to confuse this EV with a grocery getter.

Alpha doesn’t specify voltage specs for the JAX, but they claim a 0 to 60mph acceleration of 6.5 seconds.

The JAX looks interesting, but I am not sure about the 250 mile range. It is more than adequate for running around town, but I would be concerned about heading off road, unless I knew for certain I wasn’t going very far. Being stuck in a remote area in an EV with a dead battery could spoil you day in a hurry

Still, the JAX looks like an fun crossover.

You can fid more information on the Alpha Motors website.

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