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Rivian rumored to be eying Europe Locations

US-based Electric Vehicle manufacturer Rivian hasn’t started shipping their eagerly awaited pickup yet. That has not kept the Plymouth, Michigan based EV maker from looking toward other markets. According to a story in the UK version of the Motor 1 website, Rivian is looking at either Hungary, Germany or the United Kingdom for their new European manufacturing location.

The article is sparse on any further details and the story is quick to point out that any expansion into Europe by Rivian is not likely to happen soon.

Still, I find it noteworthy that Rivian is so confident about their future that they are already seeking future offshore manufacturing sites. It is an ambitious strategy, but considering how rapidly the EV market is unfolding, it is probably the only way for a new manufacturer to survive in the crowded EV space. The big question is, can Rivian pull it off?

Click here to read the Motor 1 UK story.

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