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GM’s EV promo: One of the best 2021 Super Bowl ad spots

I am not a huge Will Ferrell fan, I find much of his material simplistic and juvenile. But the new Super Bowl ad for GM’s Electric Vehicle initiative is simply brilliant. It is so absurd that it is hilarious, while at the same time pointing out the US lags behind Norway in EV adoption.

With that said, the spot fails in one area. Ferrell claims GM’s Ultium Battery is designed for all types of vehicles and will allow everyone to drive an EV. What exactly does that mean? Can the Ultium battery be refitted to any car? Sure, ‘everyone’ could manage to drive an EV if they invest in a new vehicle. I don’t see how an Ultium battery can be retrofitted to my own gas burning vehicle. LOL

Still I can’t stop watching this commercial over and over. It is that funny.

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