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Jaguar promises to be ICE free by 2025

Writing for, Matt Kimberley dissects Jaguar’s announcement that the venerable British car company will be ICE free by 2025. The company will switch to electric and fuel-cell luxury cars, and sell six variants of an electric Land Rover.

Although abandoning ICEs so quickly might imply this is a rushed attempt, Kimberly writes “Closer collaboration and knowledge-sharing” with parent company Tata Motors** will allow the move to happen much faster than expected, and suggests that Tata itself has already been working on EV technology and fuel cell structures. Future Jaguar models will all be built on an architecture exclusively designed for EV propulsion.”

It is an aggressive timeline, British car makers aren’t known for rapid adoption of new technologies. And Tata’s first attempt at auto manufacturing produced embarrassing fire prove vehicles. But Jaquar has seen the writing on the wall and apparently feels that the switch to EVs and BEVs has to come sooner than later.

The good news is Jaguar will not close any major facilities, the company intends to use all three of its current manufacturing locations to produce the new vehicles.

You can read Kimberly’s full article at the Car Throttle website.

** Full disclosure, I worked for TCS, a division of Tata Corporation in the past. I was in the IT division and had nothing to do with Tata Motors.

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