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Flywheels aid in fast EV charging

Chakratec Electric Vehicle fast charging station
Each stand alone Chakratec Electric Vehicle fast charging station will accommodate two EVs at a time.

An Israeli company called Chakratec has developed a charging system for EVs that uses Flywheels to accelerate charging. The Chakratec Kinetic Power Booster consists of a heavy flywheel suspended in a vacuum within a heavy steel canister. A small electric motor spins up the flywheel to “charge” it. When the flywheel is released it spins rapidly enough to charge a pair of EVs to approximately 80%.

Chakratec claims their new system can be installed almost anywhere and will be especially useful in locations without a string electrical grid.

Chakratec Kinetic Power Booster
Flywheel system is contained inside a vacuum sealed steel drum. Photo courtesy of Chakratec

See the Chakratec website for more info.

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