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GM EV Day: Major Announcements Expected

Tomorrow, March 4, General Motors will host another EV Day for investors and members of the press. At last years EV Day, GM outlined the company’s future electric vehicle plans. For EV Day 2021, it is expected that the automaker will make a number of major announcements regarding future EV intentions.

According to CNBC, “The Detroit automaker will give a comprehensive and unprecedented look at its all-electric vehicle plans as well as show attendees roughly a dozen upcoming products…”

This sounds like major revelations will be forthcoming at the event. I am looking forward to seeing the promised “dozen” upcoming products.

While the briefing will provide journalists with an in-depth look at the upcoming electric powered cars and trucks from GM, CNBC contends the automaker will also be aiming at investors. There are naysayers who insist GM isn’t serious about EVs. They claim that GM has been slow to market and release electric vehicles, and EVs are still just a hobby for the Michigan based car maker.

According to CNBC, GM will use the press conference to backup the company’s assertion that GM will switch entirely to electric vehicles by 2035. They hope to show investors that are prepared to take on Tesla and the onslaught of other EVs slated to appear in the next decade.

Those who doubt GM’s intentions base their skepticism on the abortive EV1 program from the 1990s. The EV1 was ahead of its time. Those who leased the machine (it wasn’t available for purchase) apparently were quite happy with it. But GM recalled all the leased vehicles and crushed the majority of them.

EV proponents are still bitter over this move and insist that had GM continued developing the EV1 it would have advanced EV technology and left GM sitting where Tesla is today. Despite GM’s promise of an all electric future, cynics need reassurance that this time around, GM is truly committed to the electric car.

Hopefully, EV Day 2021 will demonstrate just how deep that commitment lies.

You can read the complete CNBC article here.

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