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John Gruber and Christina Warren talk Apple Car

John Gruber and Christina Warren can be heard discussing rumors of the long awaited Apple Car on Gruber’s The Talk Show podcast. The Talk Show is an offshoot of Gruber’s Daring Fireball website, which usually covers computers, iPhones and the accompanying accessories. Pivoting from his usual fare, Gruber and Warren dissect the rumors of an Apple Car EV. Together they wonder about the motives for Apple’s entrance into the automotive scene.

The pair aren’t the most likely candidates to dig into Apple Car technology. Warren doesn’t process a driver’s license and confesses she has no interest in obtaining one. Gruber does drive, but it is clear he is more interested in navigating a computer screen than making a road trip.

Despite their lack of interest in automotive subjects, Gruber and Warren manage to raise some engaging theories. Speculating as to why the worlds most profitable company might want to enter the auto market at this time, Gruber suggests an intriguing possibility. Could Apple be introducing dramatic new technology to disrupt the EV market?

One of Gruber’s inklings is that Apple may be developing lighter, more powerful batteries which would be superior to other EV power cells. While Gruber has no direct knowledge of what Apple may be planning, it would a typical Apple strategy to suddenly introduce technology that makes other EVs obsolete.

There are no hard facts here, but Gruber is known for his ability to suss out future technology advances. Apple, as usual, remains secretive about their rumored vehicle. Still, if you have any interest in EV rumors, this episode is worth a listen

The Apple Car episode can be accessed from the Daring Fireball site..

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