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Do statistics point to a limited future for EVs?

The Green Car Reports website recently published a story showing that EVs are driven fewer miles than cars with conventional ICEs. The story quotes Fiona Burlig, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. In the article, Burlig says “The takeaway here is not that EVs should never or will never be our future…”

I am not sure you can base the future of EVs on today’s statistics. One of the reasons EVs are driven fewer miles is current EVs have a fairly short range per charge. No one wants to be stuck somewhere in an electric car with a discharged battery.

But the average range of various EVs s increasing. Manufacturers are scrambling to establish their dominance in the EV world. The power and performance of most EVs are already adequate. Traveling range and charging times are the metrics that will be used to set various brands apart. As range increases, it seems obvious more and more drivers will be comfortable driving greater distances in their EVs. I think it is silly to predict the future based on current EV offerings.

You can read the complete Green Car Report story here.

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