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DIY Corvette EV Conversion step by step

DIY Corvette EV Conversion. Over at the DIY Electric Car Forums, user Dantm has started documenting his C5 Corvette EV transformation. There are only a few posts at the moment, but Dantm promises he will go step by step through the ‘Vette’s 1.5 year modification progress.

The reborn Corvette utilizes a Tesla power plant with a LG CHEM battery pack. He lists the various off-the shelf components he used to get the Corvette EV on the road, and assures readers he will explain the entire process in future reports. Although fairly straightforward, Dantm warns “These project aren’t for the faint of heart.”

Dantm has also but together a YouTube video highlighting what went into his Corvette EV. If you watch the entire video, you can see the EV Corvette being driven.

If you want to follow along as Dantm posts new updates, the build thread is located at C5 Corvette EV Conversion Daily Driver

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