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Leh Keen sets a new indoor speed record of 102mph

The Electric Car Report highlights Leh Keen who recently established a new Guinness Worlld Speed Record of 102.6mph. That might not sound all that fast, but there’s a big hitch. Keen set the record inside a building.

Keen set the record inside the New Orleans Convention Center driving an electric Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

Exceeding 100 mph indoors sounds pretty crazy, especially since the rules for the record run stipulated that an escape route wasn’t allowed. Keen had to start and stop in the building while keeping the Taycan off the walls. There was no exit if he lost control on the slick polished floor surface.

It sounds insane, and I am surprised the New Orleans Convention Center even allowed the stunt. One mistake and there could have been major damage to the facility. Since the Taycan is electric, at least there weren’t any exhaust fumes hanging around inside the center.

You can read the complete story at The Electric Car Report website.

I hope this won’t encourage someone else to attempt to break the record.

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