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Ford teases with new Mustang Mach-E vs Everything Videos

Ford is serving notice that their electric Mustang Mach-E is on the horizon.

Of course EV enthusiasts knew the Mach-E was on the horizon, but this new ad campaign makes it clear the Mustang Mach-E is real and will soon be in dealer showrooms.

The ads pits the Mach-E against a series of challenges designed to test the mettle of the new EV. I wanted to like the spots, which show off the capabilities of the latest Mustang.

Unfortunately, I think these spots somehow miss the mark. They are colorful and exciting, but they don’t exactly make me want to run out and buy a EV. Maybe it is just me, but I have trouble understanding several of the spots. The Mach-E vs Pit Crew (above) is probably the best of the lot, but even it leaves me confused. The Mach-E can receive updates wirelessly. That’s cool and all, but the real challenge pit crews face is changing tires. When the Mach-E can get fresh rubber over the air, then maybe a video like this would make sense. For now it just seems like a lot of noise and action, with no real purpose. And sadly, the others are worse. The lightning one looks good, butI don’t really understand conclusion, The one about gravity shows a Mach-E accelerating quickly enough to clear a falling chandelier. Interesting, but the videographers could have figured out exactly how fast the Mustang could acclerate and then determine just when the chandelier need to be relased to avoid hitting the car.

So for me, at least, this campaign fails on many levels. Still it shows the world that Ford is serious about entering the mainstream EV market. I may not like or understand these ad spots, but having watched several of them I am much more familiar with the Mustang Mach-E. And maybe that is whole rationale behind this campaign.

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