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Emergency Responders require EV training

Over on the DIY Electric Car forums, there is an interesting discussion about Emergency Responders and Electric Vehicles. While the forum is mainly concerned with do it yourself electric vehicle conversions, the risk of untrained people interacting with high voltage from any EV is a scary proposition. In the case of a highway accident, would the average first responder know how to safely turn off the power from the car’s battery? How about a garage fire where an EV is being charged; potentially with 220 volts?

I am confident that fire, police, emergency and EMS crews will learn how to handle these situations in a safe and secure matter. They already have to cope with gasoline and other flammable liquids. Anyone answering an emergency call will now need proper training to mitigate the risk to drivers, passengers, bystanders and themselves. Will this lead to another certification program? Or will it become a regular part of crisis training?

You can follow the entire discussion at the DIY Electric Car forums.

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